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This website provides a comprehensive collection of John Bollinger's tools and Bollinger Bands indicators, including his newest work for the International markets.


The Bollinger Bands service provides charts, screening and analysis based on Bollinger Bands. The primary components of the service are daily lists of stocks that meet the criteria for four different trading methods (METHODS) developed created by John Bollinger which are calculated and updated nightly. The Bollinger Bands service covers the following markets:

  • AMEX
  • NYSE

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  1. Charts: Complete access to our fully customizable charts including the full Bollinger Band suite of indicators, plus more than 50 indicators, TrendLines, Systems and Stops.
    • Stops: Plot and generate reports for customizable BBStops, Chandelier and Parabolic Stops.
    • TrendLines: These interactive technical analysis tools can be created and customized to suit your needs and preferences.
  2. Trading signal: Daily updates for John Bollinger's three trading methods.
  3. Structure: Provides insight into stock trends. Industry group and sector data updated daily.
  4. Lists: Stocks that meet the criteria for each of the four trading methods. Updated on a daily basis for both long and short positions. Read about the four Methods here .
  5. Screening: An extensive stock-screening program. Customize searches to fit your own criteria.
  6. Portfolio: Create a customized portfolio so you can review your holdings at a glance.

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Trading with Bollinger Bands

Bollinger on Bollinger Bands is the only complete guide for how to trade with Bollinger Bands and that fully explains the Methods in detail. To get the most from this service knowledge of Bollinger Bands is highly recommended.

Bollinger on Bollinger Bands has been translated into twelve languages and is available worldwide. The English version can be ordered here.

To learn more about Bollinger Bands, please watch some of our videos.