You can customize your charts with Bollinger Bands and over 50 indicators, TrendLines and systems/stops. If you are not sure what an indicator does, just click on the ? for a quick explanation.

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Control the number of days shown in the chart by clicking on the + - or expand/contract the data by dragging the highlighted area.

Our charts, in addition to the traditional types, offer Bollinger Bars, our exclusive version of candlesticks encoded in color:

  • A green candlestick means a positive bar (open higher than close)
  • A red candlestick means a negative bar (close lower than open)
  • The blue shadow means low and high of the day

In addition, the signals for the Bollinger methods are indicated on the charts:

Only for PRO users, arrows plotted on the charts indicate a signal for the four methods created by John Bollinger. The arrow is green or red, up/down, to depict the bullish or bearish trend.

The number near the arrow indicates the system number generating the signal, per the following legend:

  1. 1 = Volatilty Breakout
  2. 2 = Trend Following
  3. 3 = Reversals
  4. 4 = Confirmed Breakout